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2020 Xpedition Mako

2020 Xpedition Mako

$1,199.00 Regular Price
$449.00Sale Price

Experience it for yourself at Daybreak Archery Pro Shop 441 Yellowstone Ave. Pocatello, Idaho 83201


If you have any questions give us a call at 208-220-2536



*Bow must be purchased in Pro Shop only.

Xpedition Archery has just announced its 2020 lineup of bows designed to instill confidence and feel right in the shooter’s hand both in the woods or on the line. This year’s bows feature enhanced limb pockets, forged risers and cams that can customize the backwall.

Part of the new lineup, the Mako X Series, featuring the MX-15 and the MX-16, is available in Realtree EDGE, EXCAPE and Timber patterns. The ultimate hunting series bow from top to bottom, the Mako X Series offers precision engineering of a perfectly balanced forged caged riser for consistency in every shot. 

This series is fueled by Kevin Strother’s newly designed HDS cam, which allows the archer to manipulate the feel and performance of perfection with the ability to run limb or cable stops. The limb stop creates a rock-solid back wall and the cable stop allows for a more cushioned feel.  In response to customer demand, these bows feature quiver mounts and rear stabilizer mounting options. 

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